Now it’s time for you to customize your team kit with the best fabrics, construction, and technology.

Custom-made clothing are including with lots of technologies. Like custom made in small quantity, Sublimation printing, Screen printing and embroidery. Some of order, they will use one way but some of the orders you will some some of them.
These technologies can make your sportswear more attractive, colors unlimited and easy to custom individual name and numbers.
Makes your team like a champion.


Sublimated apparel that dye your logos, names, numbers, and designs into the fabric. This allows the apparel to be showcase vibrant colors and bold designs that you can’t achieve with traditional apparel.

Bucksports sublimation capabilities are unmatched in the industry. You won’t find a cheaper, better quality apparel item that is delivered to you faster. Click to get more sublimation samples.


Screen Print apparel are garments that are created by applying the colored ink to the garment. It can be the most affordable method of customization. It offers simple color graphics and also has optional screen pressed numbers.

 Using modern top of class fabrics, our apparel is light-weight, breathable, and allows you to perform while keeping a traditional look that won’t break the bank. Click to get more screen print samples.


Embroidery is a tradiotional customization option where the artwork is sewn into the garment. It is typially used on garments that aren’t compatible with tackle twill or screen print. 

Just like all of our customization methods, we use modern top of class fabrics to create light-weight apparel that is breathable and allows you to perform at a high level while remaining affordable.


Bucksports has a relentless commitment to providing a amazing products at a great value. Branding are an important part of branding, they can make your produces more beautiful and formal to improve customer’s buying experience.

Just offer your logo design, so we can make your customized accessories, includes neck label, side label, bottom label, hang tag and poly bag etc at a cheap price.


Very popular sportswear recently, Using high quality spandex fabrics and special sewing method, They will make wear comfortable. 

Some research shows that compression wear increases circulation and blood flow, resulting in faster recovery. Reduces injury risk by stabilising muscles and reducing impact. Click to get more compression samples.


Traditional uniform for school leavers and rugby player. Easy custom made your unique jersey. With knitted fabric, each product  cut out, and sewn together by an incredibly talented team assuring the highest quality is achieved with each piece.

Custom made your name and school logos. 4-5 weeks turnaround time. Click to get more yarn dye knitted samples.


Professional team wears for Professional players. Rugby league/Union, Cycling and Surfing, profession team wears are all available.

Click to get more professional samples.


Custom Apparel & Sportswear

Bucksports is a professional supplier on Custom Apparel & Sportswear. His business is only for distributors and wholesalers who do custom made clothing business.

We have positioned ourself to own the customization processes from beginning to end. With our own dedicated factories we can deliver professional level apparels in record time. This advantage also lets us keep the prices down while providing top of class materials, performance and service.

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