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Bucksports works directly with fabric mills in the China to develop high-quality, performance-driven fabrics. We are located in the heart of performance fabric producing region in China and are constantly sourcing only the best fabrics that are specifically designed and produced for sport specific applications. Modern high performance fabrics offer benefits that even ten years ago would have seemed impossible to achieve. Today’s moisture wicking, anti-microbial fabrics can allow an athlete to achieve their full potential. Click the fabric button learn more about the fabric detail and samples. Different fabrics are suitable for different clothing and sports, so please feel free to contact us to get the free fabric chart to ensure.

FABRIC A-technology fabric used for sublimated apparel.
+C fabric Cotton back,cotton inside and polyester outside; +W fabric Waterproof and windproof; +S fabric Soft shell combined fabric;
+U fabric UPF50+, examination standard AS/NZS 4399,test report SGS.
+M fabric Anti-mosquito, test report SGS.
FABRIC B-white fabric used for sublimated apparel.
FABRIC C-stock dye fabric used for cut&sew apparel. C21 stock dye yarn used for knitted school leaver.
sublimated technology fabric


stock dyed fabric and dyed yarn

We hold a huge range of pre-dyed stock in a range of fabrics to ensure prompt delivery. Pro panel can also be mixed with sublimation to create a hybrid garment. More than 18 standard colours are available. Custom colours can be dyed to match if the required quantity is sufficient. This stock colors range is to be used as a guide only. Please contact us for a physical color chart to ensure accurate colour selections.

N0.18 No.02 No.12 No.03 No.29 N0.01 No.25 No.22 No.35 No.07 N0.17
Trimesh Interlock Elastic interlock Ultra mesh Micro mesh Scale Honey comb Mini waffle Cotton back Ultra mesh Ultra mesh
130GSM 150GSM 200GSM 150GSM 150GSM 150GSM 150GSM 160GSM 180GSM 180GSM 220GSM
A-tech sublimated *A02+U *A12+U A03+U A35+U
B-sublimated white B18 B02 *B12 B03 B29 B01 B25 B22 A35+C B07 B17
C-stock dye C02 C35+C
No.38 No.32 No.31 No.16 No.19 No.92 No.98 No.30 N0.33 No.11 N0.21
Neomesh Interlock Interlock Polar fleece Elastic fleece Lycra Lycra Taslon  Pongee Polar fleece Knitted
200GSM 180GSM 280GSM 280GSM 280GSM 200GSM 250GSM 310T 75D 50D 330GSM 350GSM
A-tech sublimated *A98+U
B-sublimated white B38 B32 B31 B16 B19 B92 B98 B30+W *B33 *B11
C-stock dye C92 *C98 C11 C21
No.71 No.72 No.73
Mesh Fake cotton Fleece
50GSM 130GSM 200GSM
D-lining fabric D71 D72 D73
*These fabric are being developed